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Travel & Transport News Roundup: 6/21/19

Travel & Transport News Roundup: 5/10/19

Travel & Transport News Roundup: 4/26/19

Travel & Transport News Roundup: 4/12/19

“Q” is for Queen Village, Philadelphia PA – #TravelTuesday

April 9, 2019

As one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Queen Village has plenty to offer. Queen Village’s history and location just south of Center City and on the Delaware River waterfront definitely makes it stand out. Originally Queen Village was settled by the Swedes and taken over by the English. It also has an extensive relationship with the working class and ethnic integration. It was the home to many free black churches, shipyards and manufacturing plants and eventually incorporated into the city limits in the 1800s.

Now Queen Village is known more for its quirky and vintage shops and restaurants. As a fashion-forward neighborhood,  it is well represented by Fabric Row, a stretch of 4th Street filled with fabric stores and local shops and restaurants. One inspiriging local shop is the Eyes Gallery, founded by local mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar and his wife as a space to embrace South American folk art, fashion and design. Other unique shops include Repo Records, Jinxed and Bus Stop Boutique, an awesome shoe-topia.

When you get a little hungry or need a quick caffeine injection check out The Hungry Pigeon or Ox Coffee. And also don’t miss a quick stop into any of the local grocers or markets including the Essene Market & Cafe, and the 9th Street’s Italian Market where you can score quality plus variety. This eccentric and thrilling neighborhood has plenty to offer, so make sure your next trip is planned with Royal Traveler to get you there!

Travel & Transport News Roundup: 3/29/19

“P” is for Petworth, Washington, DC – #TravelTuesday

March 26, 2019

Petworth is a much different type of DC neighborhood. While many neighborhoods tout prestigious buildings and froufrou galleries, Petworth stands apart. Petworth is your feel-good, cozy, diverse and on-the-rise neighborhood. With less emphasis on historical architecture (with the exception of the President Abraham Lincoln’s Cottage and the Historical Petworth Library) and more on amazing eats, Petworth is WORTH the visit.

Petworth satiates the palate with a plethora of amazing restaurants in ranging prices. Personal top picks from time spent in Petworth are Himitsu (a Japanese-inspired cuisine) cofounded by the Food Network’s Iron Chef Gauntlet competitor Kevin Tien. Be sure to book ahead of time, as the small restaurant fills quick! One other definite stop on your list should be Lulabelle’s Sweet Shop, where you can satisfy your homemade sweets, coffee or ice-cream needs. Try their roasted strawberry ice cream! Other neighborhood faves include Qualia Coffee, the Petworth Citizen & Reading Room and Timber Pizza Company. Take a ride to DC and visit Petworth with Royal Traveler, you won’t regret it!

Travel & Transport News Roundup: 3/22/19

“O” is for Old City, Philadelphia PA – #TravelTuesday

March 19, 2019

Old City, PA is one of the most exciting neighborhoods of Philadelphia, seamlessly bringing together old and new elements. As a part of Philadelphia’s historic district, it is just across the street from the Constitution Center and the Independence Hall famous for the Liberty Bell. Old City is also home to Christ Church where five signers of the Declaration of Independence were buried. A couple museums worth visiting are the American Philosophical Museum and the Independence Seaport Museum along the Delaware River.

Now in order to fuse the new with the old, restaurants play a key role. Many feature American or New American Fusion cuisine, either presented in a casual diner style or in an elegant upscale setting. Stellar representations include the Franklin Fountain, Fork and The Continental restaurants. And while American cuisine is quite prevalent, it also has made room for trending Sichuan, Peruvian and French fares. Try out Royal Boucherie, Vista Peru or the Han Dynasty for these different experiences! And as always let Royal Traveler bring you to your next Philly trip in luxury!

“N” is for the National Mall, Washington D.C. – #TravelTuesday

March 5, 2019

No, the National Mall of D.C. is not a giant shopping center, but rather it’s a collective of national park space and memorials! Classical buildings and beautiful vistas are two aspects of the Mall, while deep-rooted history is another. Encompassing about two miles, the National Mall hosts 12 historical memorials, monuments and sites, plus multiple museums and open park spaces! Some of the most iconic sites include the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the World War II Memorial. While out and about, try paddle-boating around the Tidal Basin for amazing views of other Memorials!

When it’s time to move indoors, the National Mall is also preeminent home of the Smithsonian Museums. Just to touch on a couple, popular museums include the Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum, and the newly completed National Museum of African American History.  Between the park activities, the historical sites, and the museums, the National Mall has enough to keep you busy for days. So on your next vacation, book Royal Traveler to bring you down for an exciting and memorable trip to D.C.!

Travel & Transport News Roundup: 3/1/19

“M” is for The Meatpacking District, Manhattan NY – #TravelTuesday

February 26, 2019

Don’t let the name fool you, the Meatpacking District is a swanky upscale neighborhood between Lower and Midtown Manhattan with humble beginnings and plenty to do. The High Line is a top destination in the Meatpacking District, a trendy park created from the former New York Central railroad line. This linear park is filled with magnificent art collections and stunning views of NYC and the Hudson River coast. After spending some time outside, take a quiet stroll through the Whitney Museum of American Art to see amazing 20th-century and contemporary masterpieces by living artists.

After you’ve worked up an appetite, head over to Gansevoort Market, an indoor marketplace with loads of trendy but informal dining options. If fine dining is your thing, then book your reservation in advance at Del Posto,  an innovative Italian restaurant in the heart of the district that the New York Times gave four stars in 2010 (the first Italian restaurant in 40 years to receive the honor)! Make the trip to NYC four-star all around by booking your travel plans with Royal Traveler!

Travel & Transport News Roundup: 2/22/19

“L” is for Little Little Italy, Manhattan NY – #TravelTuesday

February 19, 2019

At the corner of Canal Street and Lafayette Street in Manhattan, your Little Italy journey into rich Sicilian and Naples culture begins.  Begin to build an appetite by taking in a history lesson at the Italian American Museum, where you can absorb the local and national italian history.  Then continue southwards past the former NYPD headquarters, which was done in the stunning Beaux Arts style and stood as an authoritative edifice in the face of the early 20th century crime-mob culture.  

Next, pivoting towards the food scene, there are many iconic shops and restaurants in Little Italy.  DiPalo’s, a family-owned market, is an area staple that boasts simple and homemade groceries like hand-pulled mozzarella. Rubirosa, another popular spot, will cover your pizza and pasta cravings. Finally, satisfy your sweet-tooth by grabbing a cannoli at Caffe Palermo, which has been serving Italian delicacies for over 44 years. So all-in-all, you can easily make Little Italy your number one destination when in NYC and use Royal Traveler to get you there!

Travel & Transport News Roundup: 2/15/19

“K” is for Koreatown, Manhattan, NY – #Travel Tuesday

February 2, 2019

Koreatown NY, often called K-Town, is a small neighborhood of Manhattan with any, every, and all things Korean. It encompasses the equivalent of one or two square New York blocks. Mimicking large cities like Seoul, multiple businesses are stacked on top of each other with virtually no available real estate.

However, that does mean you can easily find restaurants, bars, karaoke clubs, and spas to meet any of your touristy needs. Try Korean BBQ (you haven’t lived until you’ve tried it!) at Samwon Garden, with its short wait times and a family-friendly environment. Give BesFren a go for your dessert round (we promise it’s worth it), and top your night off at Maru Karaoke Lounge, an exciting karaoke venue open until 4 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Make your experience authentic with some Makgeolli at any one of these locations. In the morning, detox at any spa on the block — and don’t worry, Royal Traveler’s driving you back after a  fun-filled time in K-Town.

Travel & Transport News Roundup: 1/11/19

Travel & Transport News Roundup: 1/4/19

Happy Holidays!

January 2, 2019

The 2018 year brought about many new changes and opportunities for Royal Traveler! We initiated a special deal on Royal Traveler Direct Service on a limited basis with availability announced via social media or a request to ([email protected]). We revamped our opportunities rewards and loyalty programs for traveling and utilizing our service. And of course we continued to provide excellent customer service and a quality travel experience through our Royal Traveler Direct Service! We hope your holiday season was exceptional and  we wish you warm & safe journeys ahead! 🚙

~ The Royal Traveler Team                        

Travel & Transport News Roundup: 12/28/18

“J” is for Jackson Heights, Queens NY – #Travel Tuesday

December 18, 2018

Pivoting a bit east from busy Manhattan, we shift our focus to Jackson Heights, NY. This Queens neighborhood offers a myriad of things to do, see and eat! Jackson Heights is the birthplace of the board game Scrabble, so don’t forget to check out the Scrabble street sign at 35th Avenue & 81st Street!  Architectural jewels like The Chateau boast French Renaissance style buildings in the midst of an extremely diverse neighborhood with ethnicities ranging from Indian and Nepalese, to Argentinean and El Salvadorean.

The shopping experience is also like none  other with interesting and unique places like the Butala Emporium and various boutiques and shops along Roosevelt Avenue. The amazing dining scene hosts a variety of local hot spots like the Himalayan Yak (yes Yak is served), Dosa Delight, and Urubamba, a Peruvian steak and seafood restaurant. During the evenings, don’t miss out the best Pisco Sour drink at Amaru Pisco Bar. If you’ve never had Pisco before, this is the place to try it! Jackson Heights can definitely live up to a vibrant New York experience, so come on over and Royal Traveler will bring you in luxury!

Travel & Transport News Roundup: 12/14/18

“I” is for Inwood, Manhattan NY – #Travel Tuesday

December 4, 2018

Many would say that Inwood NY is on the rise! As one of the northernmost neighborhoods in Manhattan, Inwood has a mom-and-pop kind of feel with single-family brick homes and six-story apartment buildings. The neighborhood is chock-full of interesting restaurants like Garden Cafe and Beans & Vines!

Once your appetite is sated, try walking around Inwood Hill Park, which is also known for its splendid views of the Hudson River Waterfront. The park also offers various hiking and bike trails, dog parks, playgrounds and athletic fields. You may even spot a Bald Eagle, as the park is the site of the NYC Bald-Eagle release project! If you’re in the mood for a museum, The Met Cloisters holds an extensive selection of religious tapestries and artwork from the Middle Ages. Inwood NY definitely breaks the rules of busy NYC life and easily lets you unwind, so add Inwood to your travel itinerary and let Royal Traveler bring you there hassle-free!

Travel & Transport News Roundup: 11/30/18

“H” is for Harlem, Manhattan NY – #Travel Tuesday

November 27, 2018

Home of the Harlem Renaissance, a movement in the early 1900s of African-American cultural, intellectual and creative innovation. In the forms of dance, art, theater, sociology and literature, the movement shed light on notable figures such as Langston Hughes, Duke Ellington and Zora Neale Hurston. Today Harlem still embraces its rich history with world-famous venues and attractions such as the Apollo Theater and the Studio Museum of Harlem (temporarily relocated to at 429 West 127th Street between Amsterdam and Convent Avenues, operating from Thursday-Sunday 12 – 6PM). The National Jazz Museum of Harlem also provides insight into Harlem’s exciting music history.

If museums and the arts aren’t your thing, then don’t pass up a chance to indulge in the abundant Harlem food scene. Just to name a few; try Sylvia’s for iconic soul food; drop by Ponty Bistro for French fare with West-African influences; and definitely stop by the Michelin one-star Sushi Inoue for superb Japanese. You can also easily find an excess of Puerto Rican, Italian, Israeli, Jamaican and American Comfort food restaurants to satisfy your hunger cravings. Between the museums, the shows and the food scene, Harlem has it all. So book online and come on board with Royal Traveler, let us transport you in style!

“G” is for Georgetown, Washington DC – #TravelTuesday

November 20, 2018

We couldn’t name a travel destination with a G and NOT mention Georgetown! As the oldest area in DC, this neighborhood is almost as well known as the District itself. With cobblestone sidewalks and traditional homes providing an historic charm to the neighborhood, it also is the residence of flourishing shops, unique eats and of course the famous Georgetown University. Shopping is one of the main attractions to the area, and tourism thrives on various storefronts as commercial as Apple, to more boutique options like designer shop Rag & Bone.

Outdoor buffs can easily find solace in the Georgetown Waterfront Park, while foodies have unlimited options. Famous eateries include Georgetown Cupcakes (get in line early!), and the vast food and bar scene at the Washington Harbour. Or skip shopping altogether and just watch the show of the Georgetown Rowing Team (in existence since 1876!) practice up and down the Potomac. Whatever your plans are for DC, prioritize Georgetown & book with Royal Traveler. We’ll bring you and the luxury!

Travel & Transport News Roundup: 11/16/18

“F” is for the Flatiron District, Manhattan NY – #TravelTuesday

November 13, 2018

Known for its impressive architecture and eclectic neighborhood feel, the Flatiron District of Manhattan is a must. The stunning Flatiron Building attracts tourists and artists alike due to its uniquely triangular shape. Other buildings in the area feature “Beaux-Arts” style architecture: a french neoclassic style mixed with french gothic and renaissance styles while using mediums like iron and glass. The food scene is dominated by Mexican and Michelin-Star rated New American venues, as well as Eataly, a large italian bazaar filled with restaurants, counters and even cooking classes. Additionally, the district has large green spaces like Madison Square Park where the family can relax and unwind! Continuing the family-friendly theme, visit the Mo Math Museum, a fun and educational children’s museum. So remember the Flatiron District for fun activities (and remember Royal Traveler for a luxurious and hassle-free way to get there)!!

Travel & Transport News Roundup

“E” is for the East Village, Manhattan NY –  #TravelTuesday

November 6, 2018

Switching from federal DC vibes, this post pays homage to the rich bohemian, indie-rock, blues and folk culture found in the East Village, NY.  With a deep history of rock and artistry, the neighborhood has one of the highest concentrations of bars and dining options in the area. For a less busy atmosphere take a stroll through Tompkins Square Park or peruse the halls of the Anthology Film Archives. From modern filmmakers to beat poets, the neighborhood hosts plenty of bookstores, cafes and dining options tucked away, keeping any free spirit happy. With such a vast food scene, we have a few suggestions: the original Momofuku Noodle Bar (Ramen & other fare), Empellón Al Pastor (Tacos & other fare) and Veselka (Ukrainian diner fare). The food and dining options alone should bring you to the East Village, so let Royal Traveler take care of the details. We’ll bring the luxury!

Travel & Transport News Roundup: 11/9/18

“D” is for Dupont Circle, Washington D.C.  –  #TravelTuesday

October 30, 2018

Historic Dupont Circle reflects the vibrant and global culture of Washington DC. The neighborhood showcases bistros, bars, boutiques, museums, and even a large farmer’s market on weekends, so it has a little bit for everyone to enjoy. To begin, The Phillips Collection, the first museum of modern art, calls Dupont Circle home, as do several  Embassies, including Argentina, Peru, Botswana, and Morocco. “Embassy Row,” as it’s known, provides beautiful panoramas on a self-guided Embassy tour from the Circle upwards  along Massachusetts Avenue or down towards downtown DC.

Besides Embassies, the neighborhood also claims two impressive 1-Star Michelin restaurants on the same block: Komi and Sushi Taro. However, a less intimidating eatery would be KramerBooks and Afterwords Cafe; which houses a full-service restaurant and bar with an independent bookstore. Finally, Dupont Circle maintains a thriving nightlife with popular clubs like Cafe Citron & Eighteenth Street Lounge. Whether you’re planning a daytime exploration of one of DC’s most historic and diverse neighborhoods or whether you’re planning to burn the midnight oil, so let Royal Traveler deliver you to Dupont Circle in style!

Announcing Royal Rewards!

October 25, 2018

We’re excited to announce our new rewards program – Royal Rewards! Membership in Royal Rewards is free and open to all. Even better, if you’ve ridden with us recently, you may already be eligible for points! Join today to start earning even more by taking trips with us (1 point for every $1 spent), referring your friends (2,000 points each), and by liking us on social media (250 points for each social network). We’ll be announcing special point-earning events from time to time as well, so keep your eyes peeled here and on our social media accounts for those opportunities. Before you know it, you’ll be exchanging those points for vouchers that can save you big bucks on future rides!

Royal Rewards was created as a thank you to our most loyal customers. But if you only use Royal Traveler every now and then, or even if you’re a brand new customer, you can still share in the benefits and save money. So sign up at the link below and review the terms and conditions for even more details.

Sign Up For Royal Rewards!

“C” is for Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.  –  #TravelTuesday

October 23, 2018

The name should say it all─ where all the Movers and Shakers work, eat and play. Just to name a few commanding architectural structures, the Supreme Court Building,  the Capitol Building and the Library of Congress all reside in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of a senator, or page through a book from one of the largest libraries in the world! Not impressive enough? Take a stroll through the U.S. Botanic Gardens established by Congress in 1820. The Botanic Gardens host an extensive plant collection and works toward conservation and sustainability. Capitol Hill also features a popular community hub, Eastern Market. Find artisanal shopping and exciting restaurants, all in one spot! While the Who’s-Who of DC work, take a relaxing ride with Royal Traveler through the playground of politicians and explore the Capitol Hill neighborhood! We’ll bring you, and the luxury.

“B” is for Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn NY  –  #TravelTuesday

October 16, 2018

Since the 1800s, Brooklyn Heights has been a staple neighborhood of Brooklyn. It is well-known for iconic low-rise architecture and elegantly restored brownstone row houses.  The Brooklyn Promenade boasts beautiful scenic views of Lower Manhattan while displaying stunning panoramas of the bridge at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Neighborhood restaurants like Henry’s End have a no-frills approach to upscale food based upon seasonal fare. Also the local Italian restaurants like Queen and Noodle Pudding are widely considered hidden gems.  Moreover, Brooklyn Height’s residential museums highlight its distinctive history, including the Brooklyn Historical Society, and the NY Transit Museum just to name a few.  We believe that for the spectacular views alone – Brooklyn Heights should be prioritized on your next trip to NY. Let Royal Traveler bring you and the luxury! So come back next week for more travel tips and news updates!

Travel & Transport News Roundup: 10/12/18

“A” is for Astoria, Queens NY – #TravelTuesday

October 9, 2018

Astoria, NY is an interesting neighborhood nestled into the northwestern side of Queens. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump from Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  And also is an easy and exciting detour to add to any New York trip. Sensational restaurants like Taverna Kyclades and Artopolis Bakery display Astoria’s rich Greek heritage, while others like Vesta Trattoria & Wine Bar (Italian), Sugar Freak (Cajun/Creole) & AbuQir Seafood (Egyptian) demonstrate its culinary breadth. Astoria is also home to unique sights like the Museum of the Moving Image and the Socrates Sculpture Park. Astoria combines elements of art, history, cuisine and outdoor activities. Therefore, it’s a must-see neighborhood on your next NY trip with Royal Traveler! 

Travel & Transport News Roundup: 10/5/18

Moving Towards Electric SUVs

October 5, 2018

As the automotive industry moves from the petroleum-based cars towards electric-based cars, the diversity of body-styles and engine-strength inevitably changes. However, new and increased investment just acheived new heights.  The electric sector now includes a new electric class type: the luxury electric mid-sized SUV. Top models include exciting designs like the Jaguar I-Pace, the BMW iX3, the Volvo XC40 and the Audi e-tron. These models boast close to 270 horse-power and can travel anywhere between 240 – 250 miles on a single charge. Why is this important to Royal Traveler? Therefore the next stages could include electric luxury full-size SUVs for RT!

Travel & Transport News Roundup: 9/28/18

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